A History of Hokhlong

Over 20 years ago the land of Hoklhong was beginning to be transformed into the oasis it is today. With the first structure built at the start of the millennium, it still remains here today. Before, built as a house and used as a lovely abode over the years, only in the year 2020 did it get transformed into the house for our Dragon Fire Clay Pot Roaster in its original structure and colour.


Over the next years to come, trees were planted and nature was allowed to return to this once barren land. In the year 2015 Hoklhong was sculpted into the landscape of this thriving paradise and turned into the Café it is today. 

Hoklhong was built around the life of a camp fire, a home that sold coffee with water boiling over a fire that served only drip. Our ideology follows a back to basic lifestyle where even the coffee we serve is an old tradition of roasting coffee in a clay pot.


We believe in order to move forward we need to take a step back and understand that some traditions are worth keeping alive and that in order for us to live this ideology we need to live at one with nature and sculpt our coffee shop accordingly.


In the early years of Hoklhong, the coffee shop acted as a base to return to after living. We would travel to different locations around Thailand promoting our coffee and lifestyle, from small pop-ups at hot springs in the early mornings to bigger pop-ups in festivals including the likes of Shambala and Wonderfruit.

As a liking for our concept and coffee grew, Hoklhong grew alongside it while still sticking to its philosophy of uniquely small batch production.


The original owner Master Roaster Yuth took on two partners to help him develop Hoklhong to its maximum potential. As Yuth specialised in growing and roasting he needed someone with knowledge of how to brew and serve. He took on two partners, Ben and Sprite, both of whom have years of experience in brewing and serving coffee to an international standard. With three partners now onboard, Hoklhong is striving to reach its highest potential of small batch, top quality, uniquely tasting coffee.

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