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Celebrating 5 Years of Hoklhong Coffee

Hoklhong History

Established in 2015 in the Northern town of Chiang Dao, Hoklhong was built around a back to basic ideology and way of life. The coffee shop started off as a home that sold coffee with water boiling over a wood fire selling only drip and over the years it has been developed to what it is today.


Coffee Beans

Hoklhong has been and always will be about quality. We pride ourselves in ethically sourcing the finest local Thai Arabica coffee beans to roast in our Signature Dragon Fire Clay Pot Roaster. We help and support local as much as possible, only sourcing green beans from local Thai farmers across Thailand.

From Farm to Fire

We are artisans in our profession and have years of experience with knowledge of how to grow, process, roast and brew coffee.

We have our own coffee farm straight from the mountains of Chiang Dao. Located on an old tea plantation our Chiang Dao coffee beans exude uniquely balanced and fruity taste notes.